Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Review

The weekend started off not to bad. Saturday the step-son had soccer and then we headed to the pumpkin patch where hubz got us 105 lbs worth of pumpkins for $27. NICE!!! Afterwards he headed off to a poker game leaving me home alone with nothing to do, so I watched Lifetime. Sunday was Church where we found out that there's a retreat we have to go to that step-son has had info about for a month but never informed us of. For 9 he's super irresponsible and hubz doesn't help the situation by doing things for him. I cleaned some of the the house, argued with hubz about his lack of assistance around the house....though he "helps" he just can't say one of two chapters for school and headed to the Elks Lodge to meet the moms for the Skins game. This was my weekend highlight...WE WON!!! So though my anniversary game was tarnished by a lost to the Rams, who by the way whipped up on the Cowboys, we're back on the winning track-at least I hope.

Hubz and I started talking about babies at the pumpkin patch and I think I'm going to stop trying to control the situation and just let what happens happen. Sure I don't want to be pregnant for my SIL wedding in September 2009 and I don't want to be super pregnant for my sister's wedding in May 2010, but in order to keep this from happening I have to plan my baby making around others schedules. So in February when I meet with my GYN/Midwife I'll just talk to her and see what I need to do to start getting ready and we'll take it from there. Hubz and I have agreed we don't want anymore kids after we're 35 so that leaves us about 8 years so we'll see what happens.

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