Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I'm a little behind because I meant to post yesterday about my fantastic husband and our anniversary. Though it wasn't how I would have liked to spend our anniversary, we were bowling, it still was memorable. I got home from work and hubz was still at work, or so I thought, at about 515 I called him to see if he was going to make it home before bowling or if the step-son and I would just have to meet him there. He said he'd have to meet us there and of course I was not happy I mean it was our anniversary and rather than getting a few minutes at home we'd be spending the whole nite at a bowling alley..FUN!!! So I hopped in the truck, stopped and Chik-Fil-A for dinner and just as I was to the lanes called to ask if he wanted Taco Bell...such a romantic dinner, good thing I'd cooked the fantastic beef wellington the night before. I got to the lanes and he was in the parking lot waiting for me. We walked into the lanes and there's a GIANT bouquet of ballons along with a beautiful arrangement of flowers...I was SOOOO suprised, he's not as romantic as I wish but he definately has his moments. Once we got all settled he handed me my cards (yes two we always do a funny and a serious) then handed me a piece of paper with a recipe for Broccoli Cheese Sauce...I thought nice a piece of paper, but then I turned it over and what did I see...a picture of TWO REDSKINS TICKETS!!!! We're going to the game this Sunday against the Rams and sitting in the SECOND ROW!!! He's so good to me.

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