Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Remember when we were kids our parents would ask us if we thought money grew on trees? Now as a grown-up (don't tell anyone) I kind of wish it did. Before we bought our house we had all kinds of money, we couldn't run off to Vegas or anything but we were comfortable. Now we're BROKE all the time and it's stressing me out. We paid for our entire wedding ourselves, but most of it was on credit cards and so now that's what we're paying off. $22000 that was suppose to be close to paid off before we bought a house and then we realized we could no longer take living in a shit hole so we move the home buying up. No biggy except I HATE being broke. Now I'm in school, which I had planned to do without financial aid, and we have all these things that the house needs but I refuse to put anymore on credit cards...not that we could right now even if we wanted to. So as of Monday I've issued a freeze on all spending. Grocery lists will be cut back to minums and only stuff on sale or that I have coupons for will be bought. No more wine :( or beer :( or fun extras. No more movies or dinners out for the hubz and me. We've got to get this money thing under control. By February one credit card, $1300, will be paid off HOORAY!!! But that's not good enough. I want a baby but know it's not responisble to bring a baby with so much debt so I need that credit card debt cut in half before we can start TTC. Wish me luck!!!

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