Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First Day of School

Two posts in five minutes...I'm on fire!

You know how when you were younger you used to anticipate the first day of school? YOu'd be full of nerves and excitment. That's how I was last nite. It was my first Master's class and I was a little unsure of what to expect. I had stopped for coffee on the way and wound up being about 10 mintues early which really turned into about 20 minutes early because the professor was late. After talking with a guy in class I learned that she's always late so I'll be planning for that the rest of the quarter. The class started off not to bad. We paired up to learn about someone in the class and then everyone introduced thier partners. My partner was a girl name Aida from Ethopia. She'd just moved here two weeks ago from Minnesota. She's cool we'll get along so at least I have one "friend". After all that the professor gave us a break, intros took about an hour, when we came back she jumped into explaining about herself and the class. The last hour was spent talking about SWOT/TOWS Analysis. This course is kind of a review of everything I learned in undergrad, since I was a business major, but it shouldn't be too bad. The only thing I don't like is we have to work in groups..ALOT and we have a presentation that's going to require me to buy a skirt or dress and hose because apparently women don't wear pants suits to job interviews? WHAT? So we shall see....more to come on this.

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