Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Anniversary weekend

So hubz and I celebrated our Anniversary this past weekend and it was GREAT!!! I was off on Friday and spent the day go to the eye dr and doing grocery shopping. Hubz got off early and we just hung out for a while, and tried to find strong men to help us get our free hot tub...more on this later. We went to dinner at outback and then went to see Eagle Eye in IMAX. I don't really get the whole hubbub about IMAX, but hubz was excited so....Saturday we didn't sleep in (grrrr...not happy about that) but instead got up to go get our hot tub which we wound up not getting because we still didn't have enough muscle instead we just went to check it's NICE. After we got home we just lounged around while hubz planned a super secret nite out. At about 530ish he informed me I needed to change into something HOT and I had to be ready by 7. After three changes I was ready and we were off to buy me new shoes, my incentive for getting ready early, but I didn't find anything :( So we head out to finally arrive at....THE MELTING POT!!!!!! Now I know some people don't like that you have to cook your own food here but I LOVE this place. We had a nice relaxing dinner, and we got our picture taken and a little gift from the Melting Pot. We left and went to PJ Skiddo's because we're so old and didn't want to go into the District to FUR. We were home by about 1am. It was great. Sunday we went to the Redskins game and sat ON the field, we were so close we could have touched the players...if we'd actually scored more than one touchdown in each in-zone. Sitting right behind us was...the parents of Clinton Portis...OMG!!!!! We'll never have seats like this again...I relished every minute.

So that was our weekend. It was great. When we finally got home my bestest friend, her husband and daughter came over for dinner and the step-son was dropped off at home and it was back to real life. I cherish the weekends hubz and I get to ourselves b/c we don't get them very often. So I'll hold this one close for a while b/c it's certain to be a while until we get another.

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