Monday, October 27, 2008


So I survived my weekend alone to Williamsburg. I bowled okay. Saturday I bowled like crap, but on Sunday I go my average 2 out of 3 games and won $20. All in all not to bad. The Skins yet another game. GO SKINS!!!

However, as is part for the course I came home to the house the same way I left it..a mess. Now I understand hubz worked most of the day Saturday, but not all day so why did he not get step-son's laundry started until Sunday? Why couldn't he run a vacum or clean up the kitchn? So as of now I'm on STRIKE! I only washed my laundry and towels last nite. I won't be cooking dinner or cleaning up after anyone until the other two people I live with decide they want to help out! I left razors and shampoo that I bought when I went shopping Friday, along with some mail that needed to be shredded and a magazine of hubz's on the stairs the only thing he moved was the razors and that's only b/c he needed one. WHAT THE HELL!!!! The shampoo was going in the bathroom too, would it have killed him to pick it up!?

At least my birthday is in 4 days! I love birthdays. However after this there's nothing really to look forward to until Christmas and then that'll be sparce this year what with the economy and our lack of money! Oh well Christmas isn't about presents it's about family.

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